How to Cook Fried Gluten Rolls - Methods & Tips

How to Cook Fried Gluten Rolls - Methods & Tips

What are Fried Gluten Rolls?

Fried Gluten Rolls are Chinese Gluten Rolls cut into slices and deep fried to dry. In addition to becoming shelf stable (fresh Chinese Gluten Rolls need to be refrigerated or frozen to keep from going bad), the frying process also makes the gluten roll a little tougher and more textured. 

Fried Gluten Rolls are similar to TVP in that they are dry plant-based protein ingredients that bring variety and an extra depth of texture, are great at absorbing flavors, and serve as wonderful forms of meat replacement for your vegan or vegetarian dishes. However, because they are tougher than TVP, they take longer to rehydrate and need to be boiled to soften. On the flip side, it is nearly impossible to overcook them (at least I've never been able to) as they just get more tender the more you cook them and won't fall apart like overcooked TVP would. For those reasons, while TVP and Fried Gluten Rolls can be used in very similar dishes, they bring pretty different textures to dishes and Fried Gluten Rolls are also more suitable for soups, stews, and overall saucier dishes that would cook for longer.

General Preparation Method:

  1. Soak in hot water for about 2-3 hours
  2. Drain and squeeze out all the water
  3. Submerge in water, drain, and squeeze out all the water again. Repeat a few times.

Cooking Methods:

  • Boil in sauce to marinate and soften before adding to stir fry
  • Add to soup, stew, or sauces and boil to absorb flavors and soften
  • Cut into small strips/pieces - with their texture, they becomes perfect for adding to "meat" sauces or stir frying with noodles and/or rice. Marinating beforehand optional

Other Tips:

  • Preparation method step 3 (submerge, drain, squeeze) helps eliminate the fried oil flavor and better absorb the flavor of any sauces. 
  • The longer you boil Fried Gluten Rolls the more tender they get - they are not like TVP where they'll start falling apart if you overboil them so feel free to boil away

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