YC Heirloom Blend

In loving memory of our mother, grandmother, and fearless matriarch, Dr. Yang

5 Generations of Traditional Chinese Medicine

YC Heirloom Blend is the culmination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge that has been passed down and modernized for accessibility through 5 generations of our family. Though much of the knowledge has been lost with the passing of out family matriarch, Dr. Yang, her commitment to increase accessibility to natural remedies and make a positive impact on more peoples' lives is survived through the unique herbal blends that she spent her final decades perfecting.

The Matriarch

The most pivotal person in realizing the YC Heirloom Blend was Dr. Yang. A single mother of eight, Dr. Yang was determined, innovative, and wise beyond her times. Having learned from multiple TCM masters including her own in-laws, she was an expert in multiple TCM disciplines including pulse diagnosis, herbal medication prescriptions, herb processing and preparation, and acupressure. Recognizing the increasing need for more accessible natural remedies, Dr. Yang developed a series of herbal blends that are as simple to consume as teas yet as effective as prescribed medications.

Modernization, Accessibility, and Health Maintenance

As a core pillar of TCM, all of Dr. Yang's patients were unavoidably reliant on complex, personalized, and regularly updated quality herbal medication. Between inflation, growing wealth disparities, industrialization, and commercialization, however, she recognized that it was becoming increasingly difficult, expensive, and ultimately inaccessible to obtain quality and effective traditional herbal medication ingredients without harmful side effects. At the same time, she was unable to provide care for her patients in Taiwan when she was home with her family in the states and vice versa and as she aged it became harder to constantly fly back and forth across the Pacific. She also recognized that rather than treatment after health problems start, it is much more important that people have access to supplements that can help them regularly maintain their health. Thus, she began to innovate with her TCM knowledge and developed herbal blends from common and easily accessible ingredients that could both serve as casual supplements as well as help improve most common ailments.

YC Heirloom Blend

Though simple, YC Heirloom Blend teas are effective health maintenance supplements, as potent as complex TCM medication against most common ailments, and can even be effective against more serious ailments when taken in combination as medication. Despite her passing, Dr. Yang's wish to help improve the health of as many people as possible is survived by her children and grandchildren through the YC Heirloom Blend.