Where to Buy

While we do not currently sell all of our products on our website (because most of them are frozen and we are still trying to figure out logistics for shipping frozen products without charging customers an arm and a leg for shipping - stay tuned though for when we DO figure it out!), if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find our other products in one of the 46 stores that currently carry them.

Each store may not carry ALL of our products - if they do not carry something you know we have, feel free to let us know and we'll direct you to a store that does or figure something out for you! If there is a store near you that does not carry our products at all feel free to let us know and we can look into trying to sell at that store.

To see our full catalog, visit our Catalog page.

Note: Yes, we are fully aware that our products cost much less in-store than they do online - e-commerce is expensive to run! If you are able to purchase from one of these stores, we definitely encourage it - both for the sake of your wallet and to support these local small businesses. That being said, we (being me, the second generation of this family business) want to try and make our products available to everyone else not in this area. As we scale our e-commerce efforts and optimize our operations, we will definitely try to bring down the price of our products to make them more accessible to everyone - your support in this starting period is of course crucial to making that possible and we greatly appreciate it.