How to Cook TVP - Methods & Tips

How to Cook TVP - Methods & Tips

TVP or Textured Vegetable Protein (or TSP, Textured Soy Protein), is an incredibly versatile ingredient. In addition to being excellent at absorbing flavors, our unflavored TVP come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors (natural), and are thus the perfect blank canvas for adding complex textures to your cooking as they will fit in seamlessly with all your vegan dishes. Learn how to prepare them and find ideas to kick start your next meal below ⬇️. Happy cooking!

General Preparation Method:

  1. Soak in water for about an hour
  2. Drain and squeeze out all the water
  3. Submerge in water, drain, and squeeze out all the water again. Repeat a couple times.

Preparation Tips:

  • If you want much softer TVP, you can soak in hot water or boil for a couple minutes - you should pan fry before cooking in any sauce though so that it doesn't just disintegrate in the sauce.
  • Step 3 (submerge, drain, squeeze) helps better eliminate the TVP flavor. If you don't really mind the TVP flavor then you don't need to do this but if you do mind it, this will help. 

Cooking Methods:

  • Cook in/with sauce
  • Pan fry or grill without sauce and then cook in sauce
  • Marinate in sauce before cooking (would not suggest doing this if you boiled the TVP as it may fall apart from being too soft)
  • Coat in batter and/or breading after marinating and then fry or pan fry.
  • Add to soup

Note: Everything in this article is based on our personal experience - if there's anything that seems off or you have better or even additional ideas, please feel free to submit your feedback by email, our live web chat, or social media. We are always happy for opportunities to improve!

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